[Note] LivinGreens has now moved to 89 Rangoon Road, #01-04 URBAN LOFTS, Singapore 218375. Opening hours remain unchanged.

Type of Institution: Vegan

Address: 325 Beach Road
Tel: +65 6396 5523
Mon–Sat: 11am – 8.30pm (last order) [Closed on Sun]
Website: (not updated with everything on its new menu)

Overall: 6.5/10

LivinGreens is a vegan cafe that offers an extensive menu based on Western and Asian classics. I feel that the length of the menu itself merits a second visit, particularly as I did not try all the must-tries, though the food I tried ranged from an average to above average (though not amazing) quality. Service was friendly and attentive. Portions could have been bigger, but then again I have a huge appetite. Prices were reasonable.

Sides and Starters

Mushroom Soup

Rather bland. It would have been better if mushrooms with a stronger flavour (like baby portobellos and chestnuts) were used.

Xiao Long Bao


Stuffed with various vegetables, the dish was again rather bland and would have been terribly boring if not for the shoyu on the side.


Brown Rice Vermicelli

I only took a bite of it as my Mum was the one who ordered it, but from what I recall, it was delish – the best thing I had on my visit.



The presentation of the lasagna was pleasant and it tasted rather flavourful (it contained tomatoes, mushrooms, capsicum, etc. enhanced by various herbs and spices), but I was not impressed by the texture. The substitute used for the lasagna sheets did not give a satisfying texture and my impression of the dish was simply that it was way too mushy. It would also have been better and more authentic if they had used a cheese substitute – be it soy cheese, cashew cheese, or whatever.

Tomato Mushroom Spaghetti

What you would expect, really. Neither the spaghetti nor the home-made sauce jumepd out at me.


Black Sesame Cake


I love the fact that black sesame was used since this wasn’t very common, and the cake certainly tasted very healthy, but it was way too dry.

Conclusion: I love how extensive the menu is, and the prices were very reasonable, but perhaps next time I will go for one of their specials instead – I’ve heard lots of good things about the place but my visit this time wasn’t very memorable.

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