Whole Earth

Type of Institution: Vegan

Address: 76 Peck Seah St (Tg Pagar MRT Exit A), Singapore 079331
Tel: +65 6323 3308
Website: http://www.wholeearth.com.sg

Overall: 9/10

This post is all thanks to Nippit, who helped me find my photos 🙂 We often go to Whole Earth together because the food is so amazing – it is definitely on my list of Top 5 vegetarian restaurants in Singapore. The semi-extensive menu boasts an expert use of spices to bring out the Peranakan-Thai flavours and a creative adaptation of soy and mushroom products to produce deceptively genuine “meat” dishes. It is definitely the place you have to go to if you’re a vegetarian who is craving for the texture of meat or a non-vegetarian worried about leaving hungry and dissatisfied. I can’t remember how many times I’ve been there, but the last time I went I decided to order all my favourite dishes, which I’m going to blog about in this entry. Service is always efficient and friendly, though I find it kinda annoying that they have repeatedly asked us to pay the bill even though we’re not finished eating as they have to “close the register” – Doesn’t management realise how rude that is?

NB. You would realise I labelled more than a few dishes as “MUST-TRIES”, but before you think I’m easily impressed (read the other posts for more scathing reviews), this is only because I’ve tried lots of dishes on the menu and these are literally the best ones that you HAVE to try.

Signature Olive Brown Rice

So basically the Whole Earth menu is adequately long enough that you can go back again and again, but out of all the dishes I’ve tried my favourite will ALWAYS be the signature olive brown rice. Words fail me. I love how simple, innocuous dishes feel like heaven when they are perfectly executed. ($7)

Penang Redang

A MUST-TRY – my ultimate go-to dish when I feel like having something meaty. These spicy pan-fried shitake mushrooms are amazing – they are thick and fibrous and have an unbelievably meaty texture. ($18)

Oatmeal Tofu with Curry Leaves

The menu states that this is one of Whole Earth’s bestsellers and it’s not surprising why. Also a MUST-TRY – the tofu itself is beautiful – soft, silken, perfectly cooked with a paper-thin crispy skin. This is covered by a generous serving of oatmeal flakes that are light and airy and flavourful at the same time. ($15)

Thai Mango and Tamarind Fish

Another MUST-TRY – the beancurd “fishcakes” are encircled by a crispy outer layer and drenched in the sweet mango and slightly sour tamarind sauce. The first time I tried the dish I was just so amazed because the texture imitated that of fish so well that my friend and I actually expected to find fish bones in it (and we came to that conclusion independently). But the second time I tried it, it lacked that extra bite and it just tasted like soft fish – perhaps it was overcooked or something went wrong when making the “fishcakes”? But a great dish, nonetheless. ($18)

Thai Sweet and Sour Delight

Again, a very meaty dish that reminded me of sweet and sour pork – the fresh, sweet pineapple slices complemented the sour, tangy sauce perfectly. ($15)

Conclusion: Impossible for me to get sick of this place – vegetarian or not, you have to try it if you haven’t already been there!

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  2. a VEG*N blog ... said:

    I like this place too =) Nice review.

  3. Sue Xin said:

    I absolutely would go back again and again for it’s sambal. Whether sambal kangkong or sambal petai. They don’t have the dish with only the petais, and they kindly serve me my sambal petai-only after just asking. The fish head bee hoon soup is also very milk-rich, it is one of my favourite place to have it, almost as good as the one in Fo You Yuan (Kitchener Road), only complain is the fish is too dry. Would love to have the fish with sambal instead 🙂

    • Yeahhh I like their sambal, I’ve had the sambal with mixed vegetables before but just not on that particular visit where I decided I should do a proper review haha. I’ve never tried the fish head bee hoon soup – thanks a lot for the heads up, I’ll definitely try it again the next time I go + the one at Fo You Yuan as well!

  4. Veggie said:

    Whole Earth is truly deliciously Wholesome!

  5. This is without a doubt the best restaurant I have ever been to. I, like you, love the Olive rice, and the Thai Sweet and Sour delight, but the Tom Yam fried rice is also a particular favourite of mine. If only it existed in the UK – there are many willing customers here. Anyway, great review Veganash.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed reading the review. 🙂 I’ve never tried the tom yam fried rice, just the tom yam soup (which was great). I’ll make it a point to get the fried rice when I visit again this Friday. Thanks for the recommendation!

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