Fo You Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant

Type of Institution: Vegetarian

Address: 155 Kitchener Road
Tel: +65 6744 8009
Website: NA

Overall: 6/10

Fu You Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant (Kitchener Road)Fo You Yuan is a traditional, simply furnished Chinese vegetarian restaurant near City Square Mall (Farrer Park). I decided to head down here to try the food as the restaurant wasn’t as well known as the other Chinese vegetarian restaurants and I wanted to try someplace new. I read a recommendation that classified Fo You Yuan as “fine dining” – this was inaccurate. I would classify the restaurant as a typical, rather casual, and family-friendly Chinese eatery (as you can see in the photo above). Service was quite efficient though not always attentive (the TV proved to be slightly distracting). Service was also vegan-friendly as the staff assured me he would let me know if any of the dishes I picked had milk or butter in it.


Fu You Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant (Kitchener Road)

The crunchy seaweed crackers (on the right) were quite tasty. The other appetiser resembled some kind of vegetable achar and had a nice texture because of the crunchy peanuts added, but I would have preferred it if it was more sour.

Fu You Yuan Signature Fried Bee Hoon

Fu You Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant (Kitchener Road)

The signature fried bee hoon didn’t look very exciting because it was basically a very “white” dish that looked bland. However, it was actually very tasty and included many ingredients, such as green vegetables, lettuce, and bean sprouts, as well as mock “pork” and mock “prawn” that lent an interesting texture. But the bee hoon seemed to have been slightly overcooked because it had a mushy texture. It was also rather clumpy. ($8)

Vegetarian Mushroom Roll

Fu You Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant (Kitchener Road)

This was one of the items on the list of specials, and it was probably the best dish we had here. I loved the slightly chewy and meaty texture as well as the slightly sweet brown sauce, although the outer skin of the mushroom roll could have been crispier. The portion was huge. ($18)

Broccoli with Monkey Head Mushrooms

Fu You Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant (Kitchener Road)

Generally, this was a rather bland dish. Also the braised monkey head mushrooms were extremely soft and had a fatty texture – this was quite interesting as it was not quite what I had expected, but I didn’t really like it. But I did like the texture of the broccoli, which was quite well-cooked and still retained its crunchiness. ($18)

Beancurd with Vegetables in Sambal Sauce

Fu You Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant (Kitchener Road)

Again, the portion was gigantic. The vegetables were well-cooked and the tofu was beautifully soft and silky. However, the sauce used barely carried a hint of sambal and it wasn’t even spicy, and it was extremely oily. ($8)

French Beans with Olive Vegetables

Fu You Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant (Kitchener Road)

The dish was very fragrant and quite tasty but the French beans were limp and not very crunchy.

Conclusion: The menu was extensive and the portions were very generous, so I might try the other items here again if I was in the area, but I wouldn’t make a special trip down here for the food because nothing was exceptional.

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  1. I hope restaurants read your reviews and use less, or even no, oil

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