Angel’s Bistro

Type of Institution: Vegetarian

Address: 28 Stanley Street
Tel: +65 6220 4344
Website: Facebook page

Overall: 7.5/10

Apologies for not updating more frequently; I’m on holiday in London for a month so I’m a bit slow in  uploading my backlog of reviews! Here’s a short one of Angel’s Bistro, which is an established institution in Tanjong Pagar that is absolutely packed during lunch hour. I think it is great to have an eatery offering organic, fusion vegetarian food at affordable prices and with generous portions in a casual setting in the CBD. Also, part of the menu changes daily so it’s possible to visit the bistro quite often.

Tom Yum “Seafood” Noodles

Angel's Bistro

This large and filling dish came with silky noodles and was chockfull with mushrooms, vegetables and “fishballs”. I liked the tender carrots and the “fishballs”, which had a rather realistic texture. However, the corn probably sat in the broth for way too long because it was overcooked and the individual kernels were no longer plump and juicy but shrunken. I did not like the seaweed either because it was neither very tasty nor crispy. The tom yum broth was pretty good but I would have preferred something spicier. ($7)

Conclusion: I would certainly visit Angel’s Bistro again to try the other items on the reasonably extensive menu, since the portions were generous and the food was quite tasty.

  1. I have my spicy days and not-so-spicy days, but mostly less spicy; so, Angel’s Bistro’s dishes hit the spot for me. Also, maybe they can modify the dishes to each diner’s specifications.

    Hurry back, Ash. SG misses you!

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