Create Healthy Lifestyle

Type of Institution: Vegan (food, but they serve yoghurt)

Address: Fortune Centre, 190 Middle Road, #02-17
: +65 6336 4355
Website: NA
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm (closed on Sun)

Overall: 7.3/10

Here’s a review of yet another eatery in Fortune Centre, following my enthusiastic review of New Green Pasture Cafe (here). Create Healthy Lifestyle is similar to New Green Pasture in several ways: (i) it primarily serves organic/natural foods prepared in a healthy way, (ii) it has a small groceries section, (iii) it is in a very casual/informal setting, and (iv) you can see personal touches everywhere in the cafe, e.g. the colourful A4-size posters each featuring a blown-up picture of a food item. But Create Healthy Lifestyle has a smaller seating capacity (I heard there’s another outlet in Fortune Centre though I’ve never seen it).

The food was served very efficiently, but perhaps that was because we arrived around 4.30pm on a Saturday afternoon and we were the only customers there at the time. The portions were ideally sized and the prices were very reasonable (both main course dishes cost $6.00 each).

Organic Vegetables Sushi Roll

Create Healthy LIfestyle

A light, raw side dish made with carrots, lettuce, beetroot, celery and what looked like alfafa sprouts. It came with a refreshing sweet sauce. While many people would not pay for a raw vegetable roll (I can imagine many Singaporeans complaining that it’s “not worth the money” because no cooking is involved), I liked it because of the freshness of the ingredients and the complementary sweet sauce, and because I felt like having something healthy that day. ($4.80)

Mapo Tofu with Brown Rice and Soup

Create Healthy LIfestyleI really liked this dish because I couldn’t remember the last time I had a proper vegan mapo tofu. The mapo tofu consisted of silky tofu, sweet corn, lettuce, and black sesame in a rather flavourful and mildly spicy mapo sauce. I enjoyed having the mapo tofu with the generous portion of perfectly cooked brown rice. The slightly overwhelming flavours of the mapo sauce were perfectly complemented by the soup, which was lightly flavoured but not bland, serving as a refreshing contrast to the main dish item. ($6.00)

Vegetable Dumplings with Dry Noodles and Soup

Create Healthy LIfestyleStrangely enough, the highlight of this dish was not the noodles, nor the dumplings, but the shitake mushrooms that came with the noodles – each slice of mushroom was bursting with such naturally rich, earthy flavour that I had no doubt organic mushrooms were used. Aside from the mushrooms, the noodles also came with crunchy bean sprouts, carrots, and leafy vegetables. The noodles were not very special (I didn’t ask, but I have a feeling whole wheat noodles were used) though I enjoyed the accompanying soy sauce. The dumplings were adequate and not extraordinary – the skin was too thick, and it didn’t taste very special (mainly mushrooms were used as stuffing). This dish came with the same light, refreshing soup mentioned above.  ($6.00)

Conclusion: Portions were generous, prices were cheap, and the quality of the food ranged from average to above average. On a whole, this makes Create Healthy Lifestyle yet another eatery that I will visit again in Fortune Centre.

  1. Yes, Eating healthy and making changes to your lifestyle does not mean you have to go to the extremes.

    Living a healthy lifestyle is not as hard as people think…get the knowledge…

    Looking forward to it!

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