Catch VeganAsh with Bryan Wong on a brand-new Channel 8 Variety Show!

Bryan Wong with VeganAsh @ Flea and TreesA big hello to all my readers! I was recently invited to be a guest and co-host on an episode of a brand-new Channel 8 variety show called “我爱公开” with Bryan Wong. The theme of the episode is “LOHAS”, i.e. Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability. I’ll be recommending one of my favourite vegan organic eateries (make a guess!), doing a simple demonstration of how to make some delicious raw pasta, as well as talking about my reasons for, and the benefits of, becoming vegan. Bryan and I will also be chatting with the public about the theme and recommending other locations in Singapore that promote a sustainable lifestyle. The picture above was taken at Flea & Trees, a tasteful vintage shop in Tiong Bahru run by a couple that is focused on promoting LOHAS. The shop even sells raw vegan nut pastes as well as vegan cookies 🙂 Stay tuned as more details come your way!

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  1. Kennard koh said:

    Good recommendation for the show and the blogger became vegan is the right choice . I welcome you to the World of vegan where we have the common perception in going green rather than killing the animals and eating them with our hands .

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