Chang Korean BBQ Restaurant

Type of Institution: Non-vegetarian

Address: Blk 18C Dempsey Road Singapore 249677
Tel: +65 6473 9005

Overall: 7.0/10

Chang Korean BBQ RestaurantChang Korean (and Korean BBQ in general) is well-known for their BBQ meats, so you might be surprised to find out that they cater for vegetarians/vegans too. Chang proudly proclaims on their menu that their “specially-designed menu includes organic and vegetarian food to satisfy the taste buds of the health-conscious soul.” Most people are under the impression that it must be extremely inconvenient for a vegan to find dining options at non-veg*n establishments, but fortunately the reality is that most restaurants – even one where the specialty is BBQ meats – will have at least a few options for vegans.


Chang Korean BBQ RestaurantAs with all Korean BBQ restaurants, the meal invariably comes with complimentary appetisers. Let the server know if you’re veg*n so that he or she will not bring the non-veg appetisers – you have probably noticed the conspicuous absence of kimchi (which traditionally contains fish sauce). From top-left, in a clockwise direction, we have: pickled vegetables, refreshing mung bean sprouts (my personal favourite), vegetable salad, spinach, pumpkin and seasoned dotorimuk (acorn jelly). The appetisers were of an average quality.

BBQ for Vegetarian

Chang Korean BBQ RestaurantI expected the Vegetarian BBQ to come with fresh vegetables and mushrooms, so I was pleasantly surprised when the server brought a platter comprising mostly of soy mock meat. The soy mock meat was marinated in pear juice so it had a slightly sweet flavour, and the texture was similar to that of very tender chicken. I loved it. It would have been even better if the Vegetarian BBQ came with some vegetables and mushrooms though – aside from the soy mock meat, it only contained a couple of strips of mushroom and corn. Also, the portion size wasn’t very filling.

Take note that a minimum of 2 orders comprised of any of the BBQ sets is required if you want to order the BBQ. ($28.00)

Saessak Bibimbap (Mixed Organic Sprouts with Rice)

Chang Korean BBQ RestaurantThis had a nice variety of mixed organic sprouts with sticky white rice, but no flavouring or seasoning was used so it was very bland. ($20.00)

Dolsot Bibimbap (Mixed Vegetables with Rice)

Chang Korean BBQ RestaurantThis bibimbap, which came with various vegetables and mushrooms, was similarly uninspiring. Ensure they leave out the egg if you’re vegan.

Dessert and Pumpkin Tea

Chang Korean BBQ RestaurantThe meal ends with a complimentary serving of fresh fruit for dessert and a cup of sweet and refreshing pumpkin tea.

Conclusion: Chang Korean has a good vegan option in the form of its Vegetarian BBQ, but I would steer clear of their bibimbaps.

  1. gmjacobs said:

    Major surprise to hear abt mock meat at a BBQ place. What turns me off to BBQ places is the smell of roasting flesh. How was it there?

    • Like most BBQ places, rather strong. :-\

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