An Uplifting Story from a Reader

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know I’ve never posted any emails from readers before, but last month I received an email from a reader named Eddie that made my day and is too good not to share.

Hi VeganAsh

My wife and I are a recent Vegan convert. 

My wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer 2 days before her birthday in March this year. She didn’t want to go thru surgery and chemo and opted for a holistic approach of healing. I supported her on her decision and since then we started being vegans. 

The first few weeks was tough on her cause she is such a foodie and loves to cook and eat. So you can imagine, going cold turkey (no pun intended) on eating meat was a bit difficult. It wasn’t that difficult for me cause I still ate meat when I had business lunches and when I entertained but I started easing off meat gradually.

My wife however was stuck at home (she doesn’t work) and only allow herself raw plant based foods and fresh veggie and fruit juices. She obviously became depressed cause a big part of life that she enjoys so much doing (eating and cooking) was now gone. 

So I suggested why don’t we look for restaurants that serves up vegan food and though maybe she could relearn to cook again but vegan style. So I started researching and found a few places and there here from the normal foodie sites but nothing that was purely focused vegan food and what the establishments had to offer. Then a friend of mine send me your blog. It was a revelation. It was exactly what I was looking for. 

We have since started venturing to the places you have profiled on your blog on our weekends just as our little eating adventure we normally do together. 

So this email is to say how much we appreciate what you have done on your blog. And I also wish more vegan places will open in the coming months so that you can write about them and can then we go visit them 🙂 So you go girl!

Best Regards

PS. If you are wondering, my wife cancer is no longer an issue. The doctor’s gave her a raving review just last week. The tumor shrunk to a size of 0.5cm (from 2.1cm) in less than 5 months. And she did it without any surgery, chemo or radiation treatments. Veganism is just one of the many things she did to cure her cancer. She lost a total of 17kgs in 5 months. She and I are in the healthiest state we have ever been. 

The email stuck on my mind and about a month after I replied, I emailed Eddie again to ask for permission to post it on my blog. Here’s an excerpt from his reply…

“I have a bit more news I like to share with you from the last time I emailed you. 

Just last Tuesday (9th Oct 2012), my wife did another biopsy on the areas where the tumor was found on her breast. And 2 days after (11th Oct 2012 morning) we got the results back. There were NO TRACE of cancer cells from the biopsy. 

The doctor was of course, a bit skeptical of the results and suggested that perhaps he did not extract enough samples to produce the appropriate results (that maybe he thought he should have). Well he extracted a total of 6 samples and submitted the 3 best possible samples for testing. And they all came back negative. Really.. how much more proof does one need?

Anyways… my wife did a lot of other stuff (but all holistic) to treat her condition. But we believe that being on a fairly strict organic vegan diet did helped my wife with her swift recovery. Which was in fact was less than 7 months from her prognosis (in March) to her final biopsy result (this month).

So anyway.. We are now advocating the benefits of going on a vegan diet among our friends. And we hope that we can help promote the benefits of being vegan from our story. We have been following updates from a doctor who is Vegan activist on his website It has so much information on the adverse effects of an animal based diet on this website which you may incorporate into your blog. 

But anyway.. through our efforts…we acknowledged that not all people will be able to be or/and are ready to be full Vegetarian / Vegans. But we still carry on advocating cause we feel that if we can get them to be vegan/vegetarian at least just half the time, it would still be a 100 times better than being not one at all . 

So we decided to make an example of our journey by creating this 2 slides..  from where we were eating animal produce and living an unhealthy lifestyle to where we are now.. to being vegans. And we posted it on Facebook so that our friends can inspire to take action. And we hope many other people will…

Eddie's presentation

Eddie's presentation

I try to keep updated on nutrition research, and the website that Eddie mentioned,, is a veritable resource for reliable and easily digestible (no pun intended) nutrition updates. But it’s one thing to read all this nutrition research about the healing power of a well-planned plant-based diet, and quite another to hear a touching real-life account. If you’re reading this and you’re concerned about your health and the health of your loved ones, do yourself a favour and educate yourself about the benefits of a vegan diet – You could start with this scientifically backed presentation about the link between nutrition and the leading causes of death by the entertaining Dr. Greger on or watch Forks Over Knives, the leading documentary that has been championed as “the film that can save your life”.

  1. gmjacobs said:

    Congrats to VeganAsh for being part of such a great story. Imagine what the rates of cancer, heart disease, diabetes would be if everyone went vegan.

    • VeganAsh said:

      Thanks George! And that’s so true.

  2. seokhean said:

    Hi Ashley. Thanks for sharing our story with your readers. My wife has just started a blog to share her journey with others. You can follow her blog here :

    • VeganAsh said:

      That’s great! Looking forward to reading it. 🙂

  3. Great story! i have to say i couldn’t stay on a vegan diet. Not to say i cannot tahan not eating meat but the problem is that i have Psoriasis and it seems i get more spots if i take beans and gluten based stuff. so its back to meat for me.

    am subscribing to this blog

    • VeganAsh said:

      Hi Kyith, thanks for the subscription 🙂 And sorry to hear about your condition. I don’t know much about it, but I did some reading online and the general consensus is that veganism might help the condition. For example, the popular wellness website Live Strong states that “Low-energy diets and vegetarian diets have improved symptoms by suppressing the inflammatory process and others have improved on a gluten-free diet” (to read more: Another blogger said that his condition improved very much after going on a vegan diet ( Perhaps if you’d like to be vegan, you could try it for a week to see if it helps (but don’t include beans and gluten-based stuff… personally I don’t eat any gluten-based stuff anyway). And then you can re-introduce the beans and/or gluten-based stuff to see if it really worsens your condition. Veganism is not just about beans – you’ll find there are sooo many other delicious and protein-rich things you can eat!

  4. OQGEz said:

    Thank you for sharing VeganAsh and this is one inspirng story to consciously keep eating healthy. Congrats to the great achievment on the efforts to Eddie and his wife.

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