Why I will never order from VeganBurg delivery ever again

If you’re here for information about my experience at the Eunos branch of VeganBurg, you will find it attached to the bottom of this review about the VeganBurg delivery service. However, if you’re interested in knowing why I will never order from VeganBurg delivery ever again, please read the following account of the appalling service standards of the Manager with whom I was unfortunate enough to cross paths with.

Earlier this evening, at 7:05 PM, I placed an order for the delivery of $40+ worth of food (with $4 delivery charge) to an address off Depot Road. I was informed that my delivery zone meant that the delivery would take 1.5 hours. This corresponded to the information on their leaftlet promoting their delivery service and their website – the expected delivery time is 60-90 minutes.

So for the next 1.5 hours, my friend and I eagerly awaited the delivery – we were starving and we definitely deserved a break from studying. But the delivery didn’t arrive. So at 8:37 PM, I called VeganBurg again to ask when my delivery was going to arrive. The person who spoke to me sounded like the Manager whom I spoke to later, but I might be wrong. I asked why the delivery had not arrived yet and whether the despatch rider was lost, hoping that I could give him some directions. He told me that the rider had already left for the destination, and he gave some excuse as to the fact that my place was “very far”. I didn’t see how that excuse made sense, since they had told me the expected delivery time was 90 minutes taking into account my delivery zone (for the other delivery zones, the expected delivery time is 45-60 minutes), and I told him that. He said he would call the despatch rider to check up on the situation and he would call me back.

He never did. 20 minutes later, at 8:57 PM, I called back. The same man picked up the phone. When I asked about the situation, he said he tried but couldn’t reach the despatch rider, so he did not call me back. Great job on not following up with your customer’s enquiries. He then asked me if I wanted to cancel the order, to which I replied, I’m not going to cancel the order after waiting for nearly 2 hours (DUH?). He said he would try to contact the despatch rider again.

6 minutes later, at 9:03 PM, he called back to tell me that I would receive my delivery soon because the despatch rider was at Telok Blangah. I was relieved to hear that the rider was only about 3 km away, since I have already waited for 2 hours. He told me that he would dispense with the delivery charge of $4.

9 minutes later, at 9:12 PM, the despatch rider called me to tell me he was at Queensway, and he was lost. So I gave him directions to my address, and told him it was only a couple of minutes away. After 14 minutes, at 9:26 PM, I called the despatch rider to ask him where he was and why he was taking so long when the distance was so short. He said he was lost and he was asking for directions. Then he hung up on me.

At 9.32 PM, fed up of having waited for 2.5 hours for my food – honestly, Singapore isn’t that big – I called the VeganBurg hotline again. This time round, I was put on hold. I waited until someone picked up the phone, and it was a girl this time. I thought it’s strange that the phone rang much longer (I was never put on hold the previous times) and a completely different person had picked up the phone as compared to the previous times – I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. I explained my situation and expressed my frustration, and she apologized and said she would check with the others. I heard her talking to somebody in the background, who presumably directed her to speak to me, because then I heard her saying in Mandarin that she didn’t want to because I was fierce (which I found slightly amusing). When she came back to me, I again expressed my frustration and also told her that I could hear the conversation in the background – honestly, what did they expect?

She said she’ll get the Manager, and after a while, the Manager came to the phone. I ran through the sequence of events and asked how long I was expected to wait for my food. Specifically, why did I have to wait half an hour more when he told me the rider was already at Telok Blangah at 9:03 PM? He said he would call the despatch rider to check if he had gotten into any problem/accident, and I said I just spoke to the rider recently and he was perfectly fine – he was just lost. Again. I told him he needed a better system for food delivery and that they should not send out their riders if they don’t know where they are going. He said, in a tone dripping with sarcasm, that obviously they would not send out their riders if they didn’t know where they were going. To which I said, obviously he didn’t know where he was going otherwise he would be here already. He then asked me again if I wanted to cancel the order, which completely baffled me. Obviously the only way he could think of to appease a customer who had waited 2.5 hours for her food delivery to no avail was to suggest cancelling the order. I asked him why I would want to cancel the order when I have already waited for so long – we would still want to eat the food even though the quality would be diminished after all this time, simply because we were fucking hungry. I then reiterated that he needed to develop a better system for food delivery and to handle his employees better. He asked me, “like what?” I couldn’t believe my ears – a Manager was asking his customer how to manage his people and operations better. Honestly, what do you even get paid for? I stated that, for example, he can ensure his riders have a carefully planned route prior to leaving for the destination, or he can make sure his riders have a GPS, etc. He said he had ensured that rider had a carefully planned route, but it was not his fault that “the rider was an idiot”. I was completely shocked by his readiness to insult his employees in order to absolve himself from responsibility. Why should someone like that be put in charge of people? Who in their right mind could enjoy working for someone like him? As the Manager, it was his job to take responsibility for the planning, organizing, staffing and handling of the operations. Yet when a problem arose, the first thing he did was to throw his employee under the bus.

More fruitless lines of conversation continued where I tried to explain the bases for my dissatisfaction and he simply stated it was not their fault, there was nothing they could have done, and it was the rider’s fault, etc. Then, he said he would give me a 40% discount and he would notify the rider. Just then, the rider pulled up and I passed the phone to him, and I paid him. When the phone was passed back to me, and the Manager had checked that I had gotten the food etc, I reiterated my point that they really should improve their system of food delivery so that other customers would not go through the same problems. To which he immediately and defensively countered – there was nothing wrong with their system. He said all their riders have iPhones and GPS, but this rider didn’t use it – he chose to use the Street Directory – so “what am I supposed to do, get him an iPhone?” At this point, the only other thing I wanted to tell him was that if he continued to take that kind of unhelpful and patronizing attitude towards justifiably disgruntled customers, he was going to lose all his customers eventually. But I didn’t get to finish my sentence – I merely got to, “If you want to continue like this…” He cut me off, saying, “No, I don’t want to continue. You just pay the $27. End of story.”

I hung up the phone – I had already exhausted all my patience with him – but guess what, that was not the end of the story. This blog post is. To be clear, I understand it sometimes happens that despatch riders get lost. Not every system is perfect and human errors would always occur despite your best intentions, but it is how you handle customers when they happen that make all the difference. This Manager did not know the first thing about customer service and how to handle dissatisfied customers. Not only did he never sound genuinely apologetic, he was sarcastic and snide and thoroughly offensive. VeganBurg really needs to look at how they employ people and how their managers are trained, because this man did not do anything right as a Manager – he did not conduct himself with decorum, he did not seem trained at handling conflict, he did not know how to protect and indeed showed no respect to his staff, and he showed no accountability for the problems that occurred. All he cared about was shirking responsibility for the situation and blaming somebody else for what happened. We don’t live in a perfect world but he could not be any less perfect as a Manager.


  • VeganBurg has addressed this blog post, through a comment posted below and an identical email. They have offered to deliver a full refund to my place. Unfortunately, they still haven’t done so – I’m not sure what’s the hold-up. Chronic inefficiency, perhaps.
  • The Hungry Ang Mo decided to “use [himself] as the living litmus test, to see if Vegan Burg have learned their lesson on poor customer communication, poor internal communication and poor time management”. Click here if you want to find out!

Review of VeganBurg (Eunos)

Type of Institution: Vegan

Address: 44 Jalan Eunos, Singapore 419502
Tel: +65 6844 6868

Opening Hours: Daily 11.30 am – 10 pm (last order 9.45 pm)

Overall: 7.5/10

VeganBurgYou’ve probably heard about VeganBurg before you’ve read this review, thanks to their clever marketing strategy that has married the VeganBurg brand name with the concept of healthy and ethical eating and introduced veganism to the consumer market in an accessible and trendy way. It’s difficult for me to dislike a vegan business, much less a vegan business that has captured the attention of many omnivores in a country that is still lacking behind in terms of mainstream awareness about the ethical, health and environmental issues surrounding meat. Keep a lookout for the large notice board that contains fliers with educational information and information about meat-less initiatives.


Cracked Pepper Mayo Burger

VeganBurgThe cracked pepper mayo burger contains a very realistic chicken-like patty with a crispy outer layer, accompanied by a delicious pepper mayo sauce. While it tasted great, I wished the burger came with something else apart from bun, patty and lettuce. It wouldn’t be asking for too much to spice things up a little – at least spare us some tomato slices! And while the buns were advertised as being fluffy organic wholemeal goodness, I found them completely underwhelming and my fingers left sad depressions in them. Also, VeganBurg is proud of its use of “wholesome nutritious vegan ingredients” but note that their cooking methods and an immodest usage of oil may offset that to a certain extent. That being said, a VeganBurg is probably still much healthier than a regular (with meat) hamburger, since you’re foregoing the saturated animal fat and the increased risks of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, certain types of cancers, diabetes, etc. ($5.85 for the burger, $9.85 with drink and fries)

Smoky BBQ Burger

VeganBurgThe Smoky BBQ Burger was slightly more exciting with some tomato slices and a couple of strands of healthy alfafa sprouts between the organic rye bread. The oven-baked patty is made of minced mushrooms and had a really interesting texture that reminded me of beef jerky. Personally, I preferred the Cracked Pepper Mayo sauce to the Smoky BBQ sauce, whereas my boyfriend preferred the Smoky BBQ sauce, but we did reach a point of agreement – both tasted great! ($6.85 for the burger, $10.85 with drink and fries)


VeganBurgCrispy Potato & Spinach Pops

Crispy, golden round bites that reward with a warm, gooey, and comforting potato and spinach centre. ($3.80)

Vegan Franks

Soft and tender mini tofu sausages that were enveloped in a delicious smoky marinade. ($3.80)

Seaweed Fries

Most disappointing of all the sides. While they were advertised as having “100% organic seaweed flakes for that extra oomph!”, there were very little seaweed flakes added and they barely contributed any flavour. The only plus point was that they weren’t that oily. But all in all, nothing special. ($3.80)

Conclusion: I generally enjoyed everything I tried at VeganBurg, and I’ll certainly be back to try the other burger flavours. But portions could be bigger for the prices they charge. 

  1. Wow I was going to try Vegan Burg but after the rubbish you were put through, I’m not going to bother!

  2. Sunny said:

    For a simpler & cheaper version, may not be using wholemeal bread but good taste like McChicken, try Classic Lao Di Fang at Parkmall Basement 1 for only less than $4…

  3. Hi Ashley,

    Thanks so much for putting this issue to our attention. I also appreciate you taking time to address it on your blog.

    We recognize that our customers want convenient service and the delivery service you received certainly did not reflect VeganBurg’s standards. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Be assured, Ashley, that we will continue to make improvements on this. Consequently, I have spoken with our outlet manager and all necessary actions has been taken. Having said that, our delivery rider is new, he doesn’t have a keen grasp of the area, moreover, the manager is concerned of the welfare of the our driver as well as it was raining during that time.

    Because of this serious oversight, and as a testament to our appreciation of you as our customer, we are going to provide you a full refund.

    Ashley, let me assure you that what happened in your case is not typical of VeganBurg’s level of customer service. We continue to be committed to providing you and all of our customers with the highest standards of service in the f&b industry.

    I sincerely hope you will allow us the opportunity to serve you in the future. If you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch with me anytime at .

    MarCom Warrior

  4. Kudos said:

    I just got redirected to your post from hungry ang mo. I agreed that staffs of Veganburg are rude. I’m not sure if they are overwhelmed by their success, but I feel that they are complacent.

    I recalled an incident in Veganburg Eunos a few months back. I saw a lady apologizing to the boss’s wife at the cashier over a car parking issue in front of the Veganburg. Her car was wheel clamped and the boss demanded $200 wheel unclamping fees. To note that the lady was also a customer of Veganburg and she and her friends just dined there, but her car was clamped as well. I simply saw the boss and his wife ignoring the lady, despite her saying sorry a few times. The lady gave $200 to the boss’s wife and said sorry again, but only to have a lousy stern face from the boss’s wife and the boss in return. After which, a receipt was given by the wife to the lady but she didn’t proceed to unclamping the car. Instead, another guy next door with tattoos came in to redirect the lady for wheel unclamping.

    Wheel unclamping is a separate issue, as it was the fault of the lady customer due to her negligence, probably out of convenience. But I think as a service provider, I don’t think it is correct to give such lousy and unforgiving attitude to a customer, especially when he or she had continuously apologized. Such unforgiving attitudes shown will only make them lose customers and the customers friends, especially when they are promoting values like respect and compassion from this vegetarian outlet, and the boss and wife themselves do not show such qualities in this incident.

    While I like vegan burgers, as a onlooker, I was quite put off by the staffs’ attitude. On reading your post, I am not surprised that their staffs behave in such a way, as their own boss and wife have similar attitude problems. To me, I patronized Veganburg lesser nowadays as i found cheaper burger substitutes in Ajunied Ci Hang Vegatarian restaurant. To date, I’ve not visited Veganburg for past 2 months too, and I don’t think I will visit it any sooner due to their high price tags and of course… Human attitudes.

    • VeganAsh said:

      Hi, thanks for the recommendation, I’ll surely check out Ci Hang. 🙂 And that sounds like yet another unpleasant story about VeganBurg…

  5. veg said:

    I like lao di fang burger the best so far. Some of the food is very delicious. Long time never go already after it shifted but it seems that the food there is also getting more expensive compared to when is at havelock rd?

    • VeganAsh said:

      Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check it out!

  6. veglover said:

    I also encountered a guy service staff at the Eunos branch who is pretty rude as well. When I reach VeganBurg with my friend, he saw us from behind the counter. After we took a seat and decided on what to order, I walked over to the counter to try to place my order. However the staff just continue doing his own things without acknowledging me even though he clearly saw me waiting at the counter. It is after around a few minutes before another staff came out from behind the kitchen to get my order. After seeing your encounter, clearly shows they need to buck up a lot on their service standards.

  7. ken said:

    The last time I visited the Eunos branch (3rd time there) late last year, it was relatively empty and for the first time, I thought the service sucked. Went in, nobody in queue so I was ready to order. Stood there for at least 5 minutes before someone was ready to take my order, even though I called out. Good thing I live so far away from the place so I rarely visit it. After reading your review, I think I’ll never go there anymore.
    I do pop by the one at Turf City much more often since it’s nearer and the service seems to be better. However, they do take quite a bit of time to get the food ready (although it seems to have improved lately).
    Anyway, for the prices they charge for their food, one can’t really have them like non-vegan fast food. Overpriced.

  8. LisaMK said:

    That Katrina person, representing the burger joint – her excuse of “oh he’s new” just screams BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I’ve heard that as the go-to-excuse for every employee who fucks up!!!!!!!!

    And on top of that Katrina wants to STILL defend the brainless manager? After reading your post Ashley i am ANGRY – i can’t imagine ANY manager acting like that. Him caring about his driver’s well being is another BULL SHIT from Katrina!!

    Katrina must be neck deep in bull shit by now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sheesh!!!!

  9. worriedvegans said:

    Hi Miss Ashley,

    Do Greenzilla burgers and VeganBurg have any video clips or photos on how their vegan buns are being manufactured as proof their burger buns are truly vegan?

    Understand from friends that Greenzilla burgers buns and VeganBurg burger buns are supplied by commercial bakery. if that is the case, how they assure us their buns are pure vegan?

    Is it true that most bread sold locally that claim to be suitable for vegetarian / vegan actually have milk powder added to the bread to make them soft?

    worried vegan

  10. Tony Wong said:

    Wow ! so much hostile rantings here in this blog. Stay calm people -please check out Green Dot to appease your hunger – its true a hungry person is an angry person . ..

    Food, prices and the staff ( golden girls are fronting the store) so far they are okay and meet one’s expectation well.

    Bon apetit people and dont let the bed bugs bite ya

    Seriously the most effective way to deal with poor service is don’t patronize the store and at best write to head office to report the franchisee is ruining good business! : )

  11. ivonne said:

    I have stopped going to veganburg after waited 2.5 hours for delivery to sengkang back in 2013. No apologies (didn’t call back on rider’s location when they said they would) and no refund of delivery fee from them. Disappointed with veganburg.

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