Vegetarian Era (Eunos)

Type of Institution: Vegan

Address:  7 Eunos Crescent, Singapore 400007
Tel: +65 96109123
Website: N.A.

Opening Hours: Daily 7am – 10pm

Overall: 8.5/10

Vegetarian Era is a vegan chain of coffee shop stalls that has been raved about in the blogosphere, no doubt because the quality and variety of its food surpasses that of most vegetarian coffee shop stalls, yet prices remain comparable (the price of a dish does not exceed $3.50) and portion sizes are commendable. The branch at Eunos offers vegan renditions of Peranakan cuisine. I preferred the one-dish meals (like the Vegetarian Bee Hoon, Pong Tahu Mee and Laksa) to the side dishes. The side dishes I tried were generally mildly spiced and of satisfactory quality, but nothing was exceptional. They would have been better if the chef were more generous with the spices and if less salt was used.

70’s Vegetarian Bee Hoon

Vegetarian EraExpect a large portion of bee hoon with spectacular thin and crispy fried tau kee crackers, black fungus mushroom, competent mock char siew and Nonya Chap Chai (see below). This is the best vegetarian bee hoon I’ve tried thus far, and certainly the best dish here – highly recommended. ($2.50)

Pong Tahu Mee (dry)

Vegetarian EraJuicy, dense and meaty tofu dumplings, chewy fried mock lard pieces and a savoury brown gravy were the highlights of the Pong Tahu Mee. The very generous portion of yellow noodles was also well-cooked. I would have preferred more kangkong and bean sprouts though.  A soup version is also available. Recommended. ($2.80)

Melacca Laksa

Vegetarian EraThe Nonya curry laksa was a comforting bowl of thick rice-flour noodles in mildly spiced, coconut milk goodness with spongy tofu puffs and bean sprouts, topped off with laksa leaves and their amazing tau kee crackers. Recommended. ($2.80)

Fragrant Tahu (Chef’s Favourite)

Vegetarian EraThis was the only dish highlighted as a Chef’s Favourite on the menu, but I was rather disappointed. Mildly spiced tau kwa were served in a plain, uninspiring sauce and topped with strips of pickled white cabbage and carrot. No doubt the dish is the Chef’s Favourite due to the intriguing combination of tau kwa with pickled cabbage – it is very creative but it will probably seem like a failed experiment to most tastebuds. ($3)

Nonya Chap Chai

Vegetarian EraThe Nonya Chap Chai was a simple and pleasant stew with crunchy cabbage, black fungus mushrooms and tanghoon (glass noodles). The lightly flavoured sauce was sweet and salty, with the saltiness increasing towards the end. ($3)

Nonya Assam Curry

Vegetarian EraDecently-cooked okra and eggplant accompanied a mild assam curry. The curry was pleasant enough but would definitely have benefited from more tamarind. ($3.50)

Nonya Lada Hitam with Beancurd Fiber

Vegetarian EraTender and thick slices of what I assume were okara were cooked in a spicy black pepper sauce which was slightly too salty. ($3.50)

Salted Beancurd Taugeh

Vegetarian EraBeancurd slices were topped with slightly overcooked bean sprouts, chewy fried mock lard pieces, and crispy fried seaweed. I love bean sprouts, so the fact that these were overcooked and had lost their crunchiness spoiled the dish for me. ($3.50)

Luo Han Zhai

Vegetarian EraMushroom slices, tender green capsicum strips, cauliflower florets, carrot slices were braised in a generic sauce. ($3)

Nonya Bean Paste Seaweed Beancurd

Vegetarian EraThin slices of beancurd wrapped in seaweed with a strong umami flavour in a bean paste broth. This was unexceptional.  ($3.50)

Brown Rice

Vegetarian EraThe brown rice was too overcooked and rather mushy. ($0.80)

Conclusion: Vegetarian Era is a breath of fresh air in the local vegetarian scene – their quality and variety far exceeds that of run-of-the-mill vegetarian coffee shop stalls, and it definitely represents a step in the right direction. For the price it is a steal.

  1. george jacobs said:

    Thanks, Ash. Let’s hope that more veg stall follow their lead.

    I’m a fan of Assam Curry, especially with veggies instead of mock ingredients.

  2. Stanley said:

    Yesterday I tried the Pong Tahu Mee Dry.
    It isn’t the SAME as shown on the photo. Only a Dried Tahu was stuffed with vege fish meat.The rest was the dried tahu.
    There was NO ”chewy fried mock lard pieces” EITHER.
    I was there at around 4pm.
    Do you think I am ”Short-change”?

    • Hey Stanley, all I can say is what you described sounds very different from what I had! I have no idea why the quality would vary by so much though.


      • Stanley said:

        Anyway, the Owner has apologize for his staff shortcoming.

        Twice recently, when I wanted to have the 70’s Beehoon for breakfast after 7.30am the stall was not ready; even happen to the boss himself that he was alone one morning.

        Today I was ‘Surprise’ that it was NOT Open for Biz during lunchtime before 1pm! There was no staff at all! What’s happening?? Luckily as a Vegetarian, I can have it at another Veg stall at Blk 7 itself or at the Market. Also I am living nearby. What will happen to someone from afar travelling distances to be ‘disappointed’ for these 3 occasions? Will they ever come back? Will they not tell their fellow vegetarians about it?

        And I thought V Era has closed the Hougang outlet & just running AMK & this Eunos Joints.
        So the excess staff from Hougang can be deploy to AMK & Eunos before they open the new one at 110 Telok Kurau.

      • Stanley said:

        Was the Owner[Henry Wang] present when you patronize this Eunos branch?

        Does he knows that you are going to feature it here in your blog?

        If you visit this blog[ I Will Save the Earth], he doesn’t get the Pong Tahu Mee as generously portion as what you get.


      • I’ve never interacted with the owner before so I highly doubt he knew I was going to feature it in my blog.


      • Stanley said:

        As of today[April 22] this Eunos branch is still NOT Open.
        What’s happening?

      • Hi, as mentioned earlier I am not acquainted with the boss so I am not sure what is happening. Perhaps you could stop patronizing the stall if it is causing you so much distress.


      • Stanley Sng said:

        It i more of ”Concern” for other Vegetarians who might have gone there for that few days when without any NOTICE it wasn’t for business. There were definitely ‘No Signage’ from Henry Wang nor his staff.

        Yesterday I came to know whilst sitting at that coffeeshop watching EPL that they were catering to certain function and they need their available manpower.


      • Let’s hope those problems you mentioned have ended then 🙂


  3. Stanley said:

    After closing for a few days without any explanation, it reopens.

    Today it is CLOSE again.

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