Just Greens Vegetarian Food

Type of Institution: Vegetarian

Address: 49-51 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 472223
Tel: +65 6345 0069 / 6222 2039
Website: http://www.justgreensfood.com/

Opening Hours: Daily 8am – 11pm

Overall: 6.5/10

Just Greens Vegetarian FoodI popped by Just Greens Vegetarian Food for a quick dinner as it was close to the Reiki Centre, where I was going for their free monthly informative talk. The Just Greens outlet in Joo Chiat is the main and only restaurant outlet; the other 5 Just Greens outlets occupy food stalls in food courts. A large part of the menu comprised of ala carte Chinese dishes (mostly within the price range of S$10-20), while a small chunk of it was comprised of Chinese and/or Singaporean one-dish meals (porridge, fried rice, noodles, etc.). Although the restaurant purports to offer healthier vegetarian food options to Singaporeans, I myself was not so convinced as most of the dishes featured mock meat and a conspicuous lack of whole grains.

Hor Fun with Gravy

Just Greens Vegetarian FoodI opted for the Hor Fun with Gravy, a dish I obsessively ate when I was a kid but eventually grew out of. The dish was served extremely fast (no doubt, everything was prepared beforehand) and came in an exceedingly large portion. The quality of the kway tiao (rice noodles) were rather average – they were of regular thickness and overcooked so they were slightly mushy and stuck together, like the typical Hor Fun you would find in a coffee shop. The kway tiao was topped with a smattering of carrot, mushroom, bai cai (bok choy), baby corn, green beans, soy mock meat, and parsley. The gravy, which was quite brothy and not thick and viscous as expected, tasted light yet flavourful and made of natural ingredients. This was a happy contrast to the typical Hor Fun gravy, which is oily and full of MSG. ($5)

Conclusion: Had a short and pleasant experience at Just Greens. I might go back to try their ala carte dishes if I’m in the area again, but I wouldn’t make a special trip down for the food.


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