Café Le Caire

Type of Institution: Non-vegetarian

Address: 39 Arab Street, Singapore 199736
Tel: +65 6292 0979

Opening Hours: Sun – Thu 10 am – 3.30 am, Fri, Sat & Eve of P.H. 10 am – 5.30 am

Overall: 4.0/10

Cafe Le CaireCafé Le Caire is a sprawling complex in Arab Street offering simple, traditional Middle Eastern fare in a very casual setting. The baba ganoush came highly recommended but was unfortunately unavailable on the day of my visit. A few of their side dishes were above average but generally the food was second-rate.

Foul with Hummus

Cafe Le CaireThe combination of foul with hummus produced a fairly satisfying, protein-rich and savoury dish. The foul was made of slow-cooked fava beans seasoned with lemon juice, garlic, onion, parsley, mixed spices and olive oil, with intermittent chunks of partially mashed beans providing a pleasant texture. This surrounded a smaller serving of smooth and creamy hummus, which was jazzed up with tahini, lemon juice and olive oil.

Cafe Le CaireThe foul was served with thin and flat Arabic bread made with flour, water and salt. I was not impressed by its lack of texture. Pita bread is also an option. ($6.50)

Adas bil Hamod

Cafe Le CaireThese slightly spicy, firm and nutty lentils flavoured with coriander, olive oil and lemon juice made for a hearty and enjoyable side dish. ($6.00)


Cafe Le CaireAvoid these flavourless and texture-less brown balls of play dough. The tasty tahini dip did not salvage them. ($9.00)

Mushroom Platter

Cafe Le CaireThe assortment of marinated Portobello, button and abalone mushrooms did not look very appetizing but were fairly tasty, juicy and tender. ($12.00)

Vegetarian Kebab

Cafe Le CaireThe vegetarian kebab, made of skewered grilled mushrooms, zucchini, and yellow and red capsicum, was mediocre. Fresher ingredients would have helped both the kebab and the green salad on the side. The dish came with a choice of rice (with different types of rice each day), mashed potatoes, fries and wedges (which were tolerable). Vegans should check before opting for the rice (e.g. their bakhari rice is made with butter). ($12.00)

Lime Juice

Cafe Le Caire

Decently fresh lime juice. ($4.00)

Conclusion: Café Le Caire was a hit and miss experience. I wouldn’t particularly recommend it. 

  1. George Jacobs said:

    Hi Ash
    I like how you highlight the protein. Lots of protein sources in Middle Easy veg food, with the beans in foul, hummus and falafel, plus the seeds in the tahini.
    Last weekend, I had baked falafel (usually it’s deep fried) at a new place on Level 3 if the newly renovated mall at Amara Hotel. It’s run by an Israeli chap who has been in SG many years but only just got into the food biz. Not a veg place; they even have what he calls his version of chicken rice. They also bake their own pita bread.

    • Interesting – how was the baked falafel?

  2. Dell said:

    Urban Bites on Telok Ayer Street is far superior, in my opinion!

    • Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll be sure to try it out. The website looks promising. X

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