[NOTE] Frunatic at Star Vista has closed and is moving to a new location. It is still operating at its other outlet at 491 River Valley, Valley Point, #01-05/06, Singapore 248371, from 10 am – 8 pm daily.

Type of Institution: Raw vegan

Address: 1 Vista Exchange Green, The Star Vista, #02-01/02, Singapore 138617
Tel: +65 66946166
Website:, Facebook

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 11am – 9 pm, Sat – Sun 10am – 10pm

Overall: 3.8/10

FrunaticFrunatic is a 100% raw vegan “fast fruit restaurant” whose bright and colourful interiors fittingly reflect values I associate with a raw vegan diet – health, vibrancy and bountiful levels of energy. Although there are cafes / restaurants in Singapore where you may find raw food being served (most notably The Living Café [as reviewed here]), Frunatic is unprecedented in being the only one that is 100% raw – so kudos to them for fuelling the raw food and wellness trend in that respect. But that is of course distinct from whether I liked the food, which I’ll get to. First, I can’t help but mention how disappointing it was that the food was served in disposable plastic bowls and paper takeaway boxes along with disposable plastic utensils, even though we were dining in. The waitress was profusely apologetic when I asked if they had non-disposable bowls and utensils (apparently not, because they’re running a fast food concept…). Management ought to look into that.


Cream of Mushroom

FrunaticThe only dish I really enjoyed at Frunatic was the creamy yet light Cream of Mushroom, rich with the earthy flavour of mushroom and topped with dehydrated, chewy white button mushrooms. Served cold. ($5.90)

Spinach Wheatgrass Chowder

FrunaticThe Spinach Wheatgrass Chowder was a misnomer. The very thin, watery liquid was more accurately described as a juice. The addition of a sweetener (what I suspect to be agave) made the juice slightly sweet and hence much more palatable than your usual spinach wheatgrass juice. But in contrast to the light and refreshing juice, the chopped walnuts topping was too heavy and seemed out of place. Also served cold. ($5.90)


Spaghetti Meatball


FrunaticThe spaghetti meatball came with the choice of 3 sauces – pomodoro and olive, cream and mushroom, and pesto. We decided on pesto (upon the staff’s recommendation) and pomodoro and olive to dress the thin yellow zucchini noodles. Both the pesto and pomodoro sauces were too watery and rather bland, and the pomodoro sauce in particular had the sour undertone of unripe tomatoes. The zucchini noodles were topped with chopped tomatoes and the delightful dehydrated, chewy white mushrooms. The soft, dense and nutty vegan “meatballs” on the side were more like sweet, slightly fruity dessert balls rather than savoury “meatballs”. As such, their bed of sour cream made for a terrible accompaniment. (“new launch promotion” price of $9.90 includes choice of alkaline infused water, usual price $13.90)

Olive Zucchini Lasagne

FrunaticThere were only two mains to choose from, both of which had suspiciously similar ingredients, rendering whatever choice we might have had for mains illusory. The lasagne was made with yellow zucchini sheets, rocket, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and dehydrated mushrooms, and flavoured with pomodoro sauce, sour cream, fresh basil and fried oregano. The pomodoro sauce was similarly disappointing and there wasn’t quite enough of it. Also, the ingredients were poorly assembled – dry ingredients stacked loosely on top of one another do not make a lasagna. (“new launch promotion” price of $9.90 includes choice of alkaline infused water, usual price $13.90)



FrunaticFrunatic’s raw cakes fared much better than their mains. My favourites were the rich and satisfying Chocolate Torte (on the left) and the naturally sweet and nutty Chocolate Banana Cake (on the right). In contrast, the Mango Cake (top centre) and the Forest Cake (top right) suffered from a lack in mango and berry flavours respectively. ($2.80 per piece)


Alkaline Infused Water

FrunaticThe alkaline water infused with lemonade / hibiscus was unexceptional in flavour, but I might be a poor judge of that – I’d take plain old water over fancy schmancy flavoured water any day. (complimentary with main dish)

Conclusion:  I’m loving Frunatic’s 100% raw vegan concept, but the quality of the food just doesn’t cut it –  there’s definitely still much room for improvement.

  1. Yingchen said:

    I see that they’ve changed their menu a fair bit since I last ate there. I’m pleased to see that they’re willing to adapt. Visually the food looks far more creative and appealing than what they used to have, so it’s too bad that the quality doesn’t seem to be that much better.

    I fully agree that they ought to use proper plates and cutlery. At $9 per meal, it is not unreasonable. Not only does it feel cheap, a lot of vegans don’t like the idea of creating plastic waste that is totally unnecessary, since it does harm the environment and animals living in the wild.

    With such a low score, unfortunately, I’m not willing to go back there to judge the food for myself. I suspect that it’ll be the same for many others. However, I do very much want to change my opinion of this place. For people who go vegan for health, or want to enjoy the full health benefits of a vegan diet, restaurants like these are important to have.

    Thanks for providing such a detailed review. This is good advice. If I were the management, I’d look into making some changes pronto, and then asking for a reevaluation. Just putting it out there…

    • VeganAsh said:

      Thanks for the detailed comments! I agree with your point regarding the health-conscious among us. Even if I didn’t enjoy a lot of the food at Frunatic, I always welcome the establishment of new health- and nutrition- centric eateries.

    • Yes, totally agree with you.
      Chef is not raw food trained……all recipes were copied for webs.
      No creativity and originality.
      If Chef Kevin can be a chef, so can we.
      Not convincing at all.

  2. george jacobs said:

    Thanks, Ash, for providing the useful feedback to the restaurant.

    I recommend their salads, with lots of unique combinations. I especially enjoy the edible flowers that are added to some of the salads.

    As you note, Frunatic is something new. They have expanded their menu a lot since they opened. If people continue to support the restaurant, they can continue to expand and improve.

    • VeganAsh said:

      Thanks G. I’ll make sure to try their salads if I happen to be there again.

  3. Frunatic at Star Vista has closed, and is moving elsewhere. Their branch at Valley Point is still open though.

    • VeganAsh said:

      Hi Yingchen, thanks for the update!

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