Update / As Featured On: VegeAsian

Hey everyone! Apologies for not having updated in ages. My diet has been kinda erratic – I went on 80/10/10 for awhile, and then I went on a juice cleanse, so I wasn’t really eating much solid food at all. Since getting off the raw diet, I’ve been meaning to blog about places I’ve been to such as Greenzilla, as well as the vegetarian menus at places like Paradise Pavilion, but work has been keeping me too busy. I’ll be overseas for a few weeks – I’m flying off tomorrow morning to Java – but I hope to get back into connecting with veg enthusiasts once I’m back. Sorry if I’m a bit slow in replying to all your emails, and thanks for your understanding!

In the meantime, do check out the new asian vegetarian website, VegeAsian.com, where I was recently interviewed on What It’s Like to be Vegan in Singapore. You’ll find interviews with other popular veg bloggers as well. 🙂

Much love

  1. wanxuanwang said:

    Thanks for the shoutout! It was a pleasure interviewing you 🙂

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