As Featured On: Monday Flying

Here’s a shoutout to Monday Flying, a site which covers retail, the arts, and interesting events and products in Singapore. They introduced VeganAsh earlier in September last year and had some kind words to say:

“VeganAsh is written by Ashley and it showcases the growing popularity of the vegan movement in Singapore.  Apart from sharing food and restaurant options, VeganAsh is a site which also shares resources, such as other vegan blogs, events and happenings within Singapore for the vegan community. 

Support for the vegan movement aside, to ignore dishes purely because of no meat being involved is to deny yourself delicious (and healthy) options that vegan/vegetarian restaurants have in plenty.

It also helps that an eloquent and meticulous vegan blogger exists to guide you to all the best places. The reviews on VeganAsh are easy to digest (pun intended), conveniently sorted by location, and contain photos that are not suitable for viewing when you are waiting for lunchtime during work.”

The original post can be found here.

  1. george jacobs said:

    Well deserved praise, both for Vegan Ash and for vegan food!

  2. YY said:

    Hello hello! I just want to say thank you for searching and recommending places that offer tasty Veg-based food in Singapore. I am a closet vegetarian (after being a ferocious carnivore for 26 years) and it is so hard to find such healthy food that looks much less taste delicious but I found myself salivating to every picture on your blog especially your post on Genesis. I work closeby so I cant wait to try it out! Congratulations on being featured on Monday Flying and successfully spreading vegetarianism and the benefits of vegetables. x

    • VeganAsh said:

      Hey YY, thanks a lot! I’m glad you enjoy the blog 🙂 Cheers

    • VeganAsh said:

      Hi YY, thanks a lot for your kind words! And there’s no need to be a closet vegetarian, it’s certainly something to be proud of 🙂

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