Type of Institution: Vegetarian / mostly vegan

Address: The Star Vista, #B1-43, 1 Vista Green Exchange, Singapore 138617
Tel: +65 9816 4861
Website:; Facebook

Opening Hours: Sun – Mon 10 am – 10 pm


GreenzillaOverall: 6.5/10

Greenzilla follows on the trails of VeganBurg in joining the rising trend of veg-friendly and more health conscious fast food options. The branch at Star Vista is a small outfit with only a few seats, but I was told there is communal seating in the food court. While Greenzilla promotes itself as a vegetarian joint, from what I gathered the options were mostly vegan. Processed ingredients appeared to have been minimised as well. I avoided the salad bar, with its assortment of limp and forlorn vegetables, and went for the appetizers and burgers instead.

Broccoli Soup (Soup of the Day)

GreenzillaThe Broccoli Soup doesn’t look like much, but it was rich with the taste of fresh broccoli and was probably the best dish I tried. ($2.50)

Pumpkin Pops

GreenzillaThese round pumpkin bites, while covered with a palatable and slightly crispy coating on the outside, were missing the distinctive sweetness of fresh pumpkin on the inside. The original Pumpkin Pops come with honey soy mayonnaise, so vegans would have to get other sauces –the chilli sauce was decent, but what really stood out was the tangy tartar sauce that packed a surprisingly delightful punch. ($2.90)

Royal Mushroom Burger

GreenzillaThe Royal Mushroom Burger consisted of a mushy, mildly flavoured mushroom patty and some lifeless celery, tomato slices and sprouts, sandwiched between a green pea bun that did not seem to be anything different from a regular white burger bun aside from its name. This was accompanied by a vinegar coleslaw. ($5.90)

Tofu Fusion Burger

GreenzillaThe Tofu Fusion Burger fared better. The tender, marinated tofu patty was topped with BBQ sauce while the charcoal bun had a pleasantly light taste and was topped with seeds. ($5.90)

Conclusion: Greenzilla has a good concept, it just really needs to work on quality control with its ingredients to distinguish itself.

  1. george jacobs said:

    Thanks, Ash. The mushroom soup is also unique and good. I look forward to the broccoli soup.

    I’ve enjoyed their Hersroom burger. Finally, I’ve had good experience with the salad. My wife is a big fan of the salad with sesame dressing.

    On a side note, near Greenzilla in Star Vista is a Japanese grocery, where the natto is very reasonably priced. Natto is a bit of an acquired taste. Try it in soup.

    • VeganAsh said:

      Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind the next time I go to Greenzilla.

      I love natto. I prefer it as it is though, or over rice. Natto + rice + miso soup makes for a simple but very comforting meal. 🙂

  2. jaytjk said:

    Great review, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to visit the places too. There is this map called CafeSG that lets you find all the local cafes in Singapore! Super useful for cafe hopping and to find cafes near home and workplace.

    Hope to see more reviews from you

    • VeganAsh said:

      Hey there, thanks! That would be useful for the weekend when I’m always trying to find cafes to work at.


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