YES Natural F&B Pte Ltd (Restaurant) – an Updated Review

Type of Institution: Vegetarian (a couple of dishes use cheese and butter)

Address: 57 Lor 27 Geylang, Singapore 388184
Tel: +65 6741 1580

Opening Hours: Daily 11 am – 2.30 pm, 5 pm – 9 pm

Overall: 8.4/10

YES Natural F&B Pte Ltd (Restaurant)YES Natural F&B Pte Ltd (Restaurant) seems to have a strange, unnecessarily long name for a restaurant but I suppose that’s their rather awkward way of differentiating between the different parts of their business – aside from running a restaurant, Yes Natural also has a groceries shop and a bakery next door. The groceries shop sells what you would typically expect – lots of healthy and organic goodies – and I was, to say the least, extremely excited to find that they have the Chocolate flavour of Silk organic soy milk for just $5.00 (the regular flavour normally retails for nearly $6.00 at Cold Storage). Also got some agave nectar (honey is evil – click here to find out more). I was hoping to pick up some stuff from the bakery as well but at the time of visit, they used butter in every product except their olive oil bread.

Anyway, back to the restaurant. Like most Chinese restaurants in Singapore, it is very simply furnished. The restaurant aims to use “ingredients [that] are as far as possible to be organic, natural ingredients, less oil, salt and sugar, high fibers and no added MSG”. The menu is quite extensive, and includes a range of ala carte Chinese cuisine, simple soups, a series of organic brown rice dishes, a couple of Western dishes made with vegetarian cheese, a series of “healthy noodle” dishes (like brown rice bee hoon), other side dishes, dessert (including soy yoghurt), and health-promoting drinks like oat milkshakes. I love restaurants that use healthy ingredients and cooking methods! In Yes Natural’s case, I even learnt something new as certain items on the menu (“roselle”  and “coralline nest”) necessitated a quick Google search on my phone.

YES Natural F&B Pte Ltd (Restaurant)One thing I love about Yes Natural is their wonderfully hearty portion sizes – this was one of the few times I’ve worried about being able to finish the food at a restaurant (and I really can eat an awful lot). You definitely wouldn’t have to order the side dishes here to feel full.

FYI there was a 7% GST charge but no service charge.

Stone Pot Rice

YES Natural F&B Pte Ltd (Restaurant)The stone pot rice comprised of extremelywell-cooked brown rice (not an easy feat), fresh shitake mushrooms and leafy greens beautifully complemented by slices of sweet mango, served in a fragrant and sizzling hot stone pot. The flavours of all the different ingredients melded together perfectly; I particularly loved the addition of the mango. Mix all the ingredients together immediately once your dish is served so that the rice doesn’t burn! Recommended. ($6.50)

Fresh Veggie Noodles in Almond Sauce

YES Natural F&B Pte Ltd (Restaurant)

YES Natural F&B Pte Ltd (Restaurant)Beneath the heaping tower of fresh green leaf sprouts and shredded carrot and lettuce, the generous portion of thick noodles covered with creamy and slightly sweet almond sauce were so satisfying, they could easily be eaten on their own. Recommended. ($6.50)

Chilli Paste Noodle

YES Natural F&B Pte Ltd (Restaurant)The chilli paste noodle was a gigantic portion of well-cooked noodles in a chunky chilli paste broth, made of mushrooms, mock fish cake/mock lobster ball, and mock meat. The chunkiness of all the ingredients was the highlight of the dish and made it very enjoyable to eat. Despite the name of the dish, the broth wasn’t very spicy. Thechilli paste broth wasn’t too rich or overwhelming, so one could easily finish the whole bowl of noodles, which was huge. ($5.50)

Pocket Salad

YES Natural F&B Pte Ltd (Restaurant)

YES Natural F&B Pte Ltd (Restaurant)Two pockets of thin, chewy pita bread were stuffed with fresh green leaf sprouts, alfafa sprouts, tomato and vegetarian ham. The original version came with mayonnaise sauce (as seen on the right in the first picture), but the vegan substitute came with a sweet and refreshing tomato sauce. Recommended. ($6.00)

Vegan Cod Fish

YES Natural F&B Pte Ltd (Restaurant)The vegan cod fish was a new item on the menu and was both delicious and creative. It came with two slices of “cod fish” that had one of the best textures of mock fish I have ever tried. These were topped with herbs and tofu and mushrooms, and immersed in a flavourful broth with hints of vinegar and tomato. ($10.00 for small portion with two slices of “fish”)

Hand-made Thai Style Bean Curd

YES Natural F&B Pte Ltd (Restaurant)Blocks of tofu mashed with shredded carrot were deep fried and served with a spicy and sweet red chilli sauce. The tofu was pretty bland when eaten on its own without the sauce. As with most of their dishes, this came topped with fresh vegetables – in this case, shredded carrot, cucumber and lettuce. ($25)

Home-made Dumplings (Boiled)

YES Natural F&B Pte Ltd (Restaurant)Simple, regular dumplings stuffed with mushrooms and spring onions, served with vinegar. ($10.80)

Seaweed Tofu Soup

YES Natural F&B Pte Ltd (Restaurant)The seaweed tofu soup, as expected, was a lightly flavoured soup though not bland. Although it looked quite boring when it was first served (as the picture above shows), the soup actually contained more than meets the eye – there was seaweed, shredded carrot, cubes of tofu and mock lobster/prawn balls, mushroom, and mock meat. While the soup was nice, it wasn’t anything special. ($6.00)

Conclusion: YES Natural serves an extensive variety of wonderfully healthy and delicious food with great portion sizes and at a reasonable price. Definitely recommended!

  1. george jacobs said:

    Thanks. I’ve been to that restaurant before but have never tried any of those dishes. The Stone Pot Rice will be my choice the next time I visit.

    I agree that it’s a big plus to be able to buy groceries – and the selection is quite large (even tooth paste) – next door to where you eat.

    I just hope the peeps at the bakery learn to bake without dairy. Peeps such as Delcie and Halimah do it.

    • I’m going to do a review of Delcie’s once I finish my huge backlog of restaurants. As for Halimah, I’ve unfortunately never tried what she has made but the pictures on the cooking/baking school’s Facebook page look amazingggggg

      • george jacobs said:

        Yup, the cupcakes that Halimah makes look great and taste great

    • Ooh I’ll check again the next time I visit. I guess the server misled me :<

  2. Kingsley Young said:

    I don’t understand why the server can’t tell you whether the muffin is vegan or vegetarian. Ashley, did you manage to confirm whether the muffins are vegan?

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