#NKMGDoGood : Talking to a vegan about food – Interview with Nookmag

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Hi guys,

As some of you might have seen, I recently did an interview with Nookmag (Facebook / Instagram), the Singapore-based online indie magazine covering lifestyle, arts and culture, fashion, entertainment and more. As part of their #NKMGDoGood column – where Nookmag highlights goods deeds and interesting initiatives locally and internationally – I was invited to share my thoughts on, and experiences in, the wonderful world of veganism. The interview touches upon topics such as –

  •  what I have learnt about food so far;
  •  how I ensure I get a balanced diet as a vegan;
  •  why I have not been tempted to revert to a meat-eating lifestyle; and
  •  making the transition to veganism.

For the full article and interview, hop on over to Nookmag @ http://www.nookmag.com/nkmgdogood-talking-to-a-vegan-about-food/.

Peace, Love and Vegan

1 comment
  1. George Jacobs said:

    I especially like your response to the question about whether you’d go back to eating animals. Your response starts: “First, actively researching and understanding what the consumption of animal products
    truly means (be it ethically, environmentally or nutritionally, for instance) and
    the immense benefits that a vegan lifestyle will bring to yourself and planet Earth. …”

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