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If you haven’t already heard, the inaugural Green and Healthy Festival will be taking place this Sunday, 4 September at Singapore EXPO Hall 3A from 9am to 8pm. The event seeks to promote enviromentally conscious and positive lifestyle and dietary choices with over 60 exhibition stalls offering diverse products and services, ranging from eco-friendly food and drinks to holistic healing and wellness checks. The Festival – which will be the largest secular vegetarian event ever held in Singapore – is jointly organized by Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation, the Vegetarian Society (Singapore) and Eco Harmony Global Network.

Truly the first of its kind in Singapore, the 1-day Festival will include:

  •  A veg cooking contest
  •  The launch of Green and Healthy Monday by Mdm Tin Pei Ling, Member of Parliament for Macpherson
  •  A talk and amazing show by vegan strongman Luke Tan
  •  Over 50 veg food stalls, most if not all of which are vegan
  •  A farmers’ market where you can grab some fresh and organic produce
  •  A cooking demo from VSS’ new cookbook, At Home From Pot to Pot
  •  An attempt to enter into the Singapore Book of Records for the most number of people simultaneously drinking a cup of smoothie (how cute is that?!), led by our local smoothie guru, Yeow
  •  A Smoothie Cycle Competition where participants will try their hand at riding specially designed bicycles to power up blenders for making yummy smoothies
  •  Yoga and Zumba sessions
  •  Activities for kids and a Children’s Nature Play Area
  •  Educational talks on topics such as diet, nutrition and sustainability
  •  Music performances and Virtual Reality videos

With such an incredible range of activities and events lined up, it’s almost hard to believe that admission for this event is absolutely FREE. Nonetheless, I urge you to purchase festival coupons through this webpage to support the raising of funds for Kampung Senang and for the promotion of eco-conscious and positive lifestyle and dietary choices. I also encourage you to bring your own eating utensils, water bottle, shopping bag, etc. in line with the ethos of the Festival.

More information on the Festival can be found on the Festival’s official website and Facebook page.

See you at Singapore EXPO this Sunday!

Peace, Love, Vegan

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Hi guys,

As some of you might have seen, I recently did an interview with Nookmag (Facebook / Instagram), the Singapore-based online indie magazine covering lifestyle, arts and culture, fashion, entertainment and more. As part of their #NKMGDoGood column – where Nookmag highlights goods deeds and interesting initiatives locally and internationally – I was invited to share my thoughts on, and experiences in, the wonderful world of veganism. The interview touches upon topics such as –

  •  what I have learnt about food so far;
  •  how I ensure I get a balanced diet as a vegan;
  •  why I have not been tempted to revert to a meat-eating lifestyle; and
  •  making the transition to veganism.

For the full article and interview, hop on over to Nookmag @

Peace, Love and Vegan

Many people’s New Year’s resolutions include losing weight, eating more healthily and doing more to make the world a better place. For these same reasons, many decide on New Year’s to start following a plant-based diet and/or live a vegan lifestyle – after all, there is no other dietary change that is more beneficial to your health, to the planet and certainly, to the animals.

Regardless of whether you’re an aspiring vegan or a vegan of many years, or whether you’re simply interested in the nutritional, political and/or economic aspects of food, I encourage you to join me for the Singapore premiere of feature-length documentary PlantPure Nation at the start of 2016. The premiere screening will be held at indie cinema, The Projector on Saturday 9 January 2015 from 7pm – 10pm.

PlantPure Nation

Briefly, PlantPure Nation presents the compelling story of three people on a mission to spread a powerful, science-based approach to nutrition – the message being that a plant-based diet can reduce the likelihood of, and even reverse, chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancers. The film also examines the political and economic forces that suppress a wider recognition of the health benefits of plant-based nutrition, while exploring big-picture issues such as modern medical practice, food “deserts” and animal agriculture. Please check out for more information on the documentary.

The 90-minute film screening will be followed by a special panel Q&A session. The diverse group of speakers will include Dr. Ong Hean Yee (head of the Department of Cardiology and a senior consultant cardiologist at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital) and Luke Tan (internationally certified plant-based nutrition and strength coach, award-winning vegan athlete and founder of Evolved Generation).

More details on the speakers and the event can be found here.

If you’re a full-time student aged 25 years or below, and not already a Student Member of VSS, you can sign up here to be a VSS Student Member for free – all VSS Student Members can register here for free tickets to the premiere screening.

I hope to see many of you there next Saturday – please come up and say hi!

Peace, Love, Vegan

Hey everyone

Sorry I haven’t been writing as much as I feel I should, and many thanks to those who have started following VeganAsh despite the lack of activity 🙂 Work’s been very busy as usual so it has been difficult to find the time, but I’m definitely going to be part of the celebration for World Vegan Day on 1 November 2014 at Annalakshmi along with the kind folks at Vegetarian Society (Singapore).

In addition to the 100% vegan Indian buffet spread (seriously, who said Indian food HAS to have ghee or paneer or butter…?), Dr Michael Greger of fame is planning to join us live on Skype to answer participants’ questions that have been sent to him in advance and corporate nutritionist, wellness consultant and holistic health practitioner Carel Lim will be present as well to field your questions. For the uninitiated, is a non-profit charity that provides strictly non-commercial, science based updates on the latest in nutrition research via bite-sized videos. Dr Greger’s year-in-reviews, while much lengthier than his typically short (about 3-5 minutes) videos on a particular nutrition topic, are an excellent introduction to the huge impact that nutrition has on many of the health problems that plague the developed world today.

More details can be found at the Vegetarian Society’s website at If you decide to join me, feel free to drop me an email to let me know and/or say hi at the dinner!

Love, Peace, Vegan xx

Posters at City Hall MRT station pair a pet and a farmed animal, and ask commuters, “Why Love One But Eat the Other?”

Hello everyone! If you happen to be boarding and alighting from trains at City Hall MRT station you’ll notice something different over the next 2 weeks – instead of the dreary commercial advertising we are used to seeing (and ignoring) all the time, you’ll find thought provoking posters on all 96 of the interchange station’s train doors over the next 2 weeks. From 27 March to 9 April, 2014, the posters will encourage riders to question their meat eating habit.

The basic structure of each of the three different posters consists of a large photo pairing two animals: one whom we care for as a pet and the other whom we eat as food. The three pairs are: puppy and calf, kitten and chick, and puppy and piglet. Above the photos is the question: Why Love One But Eat The Other?

The campaign is being run by Vegetarian Society (Singapore), a local charity founded in 1999 and devoted to reducing meat consumption. VSS President Clarence Tan explained, “This campaign originally ran on the subways in Toronto, Canada. We saw the impact that the posters had there, and we are confident that also here in Singapore, the posters’ message will encourage people to examine their own eating habits”.

VSS Treasurer, Heng Guan Hou, described the fund raising necessary to pay the almost $50,000 for the posters’ two-week run. “We began raising funds in late 2013, and last week we finally met our target, thanks to donations from hundreds of people”.

Ashley Chow, the VSS Education Officer, explained the thinking behind the posters, “People in Singapore do care about animals. We see this, for example, in the love people lavish on their pets and in the government’s tougher measures to combat abuse of animals”.

One of the more interesting occurrences in the lead up to the campaign launch was when SMRT, at the behest of LTA, requested the removal of photos showing the horrors that farmed animals endure on factory farms. In the end, we reached a compromise; the potentially discomforting photos were covered, with an explanation, “Censored: These photos were deemed too graphic and may upset the public. For the full posters, please visit”.VSS Communications Officer, Ganga Sudhan, stated, “We sincerely appreciate the willingness of LTA and SMRT to reach a constructive compromise on this matter”.

Support for the poster campaign has come from many individuals and organisations. Dr Ho Soon Lye, MD, addressed the issue of whether meat eating is necessary for health, “Vegetarians can easily stay healthy on a daily vegetarian diet of carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals, which can be easily obtained from our local markets or from neighbourhood vegetarian food-stalls or restaurants. In general, throughout their lives, committed vegetarians tend to have less health events and live longer life-spans with quieter, happier and more contented lives”.

Louis Ng, Chief Executive of ACRES, a local organisation well known for its defence of wild animals, stated, “ACRES wholeheartedly supports this important campaign which will highlight the plight of farm animals. If animals don’t have a say in their treatment, then it is up to all caring human beings to give them a voice, speak up on their behalf and end the cruelty. We hope that more people will support this campaign and join us in fostering compassion and respect for all animals.”

Another animal welfare leader, Veron Lau, President of Cat Welfare Society, added, “Loving our pets yet eating animals does often pose a dilemma for many animal lovers. We ask ourselves if we cared to save and prevent one from suffering, should we not do the same for the other. Whether we are animal lovers or not, we should make it a priority to live mindfully and that includes thinking about where our food or pets come from because we are part of a consuming chain and have the collective power to affect ethical change through our choices.”

Last, but not least, Ann Lek, Education Officer at the SPCA, stated “’Why love one but eat the other?’ It’s thought-provoking, and gets us thinking about the love we have for our companion animals. Many of us are passionate about helping our canine and feline friends. How can we extend that care and compassion to farm animals? Go vegetarian or eat less meat? Be conscious of how that animal got onto your plate. The choice is in your hands.”

For more information on the campaign, please visit

The Vegetarian Society (Singapore) is a non-profit, non-religious organisation formed in 1999. The VSS team strives to build a more humane and harmonious world for everyone on the planet as well as for our fellow creatures. For more information on VSS, please click here.

Here’s a shoutout to Monday Flying, a site which covers retail, the arts, and interesting events and products in Singapore. They introduced VeganAsh earlier in September last year and had some kind words to say:

“VeganAsh is written by Ashley and it showcases the growing popularity of the vegan movement in Singapore.  Apart from sharing food and restaurant options, VeganAsh is a site which also shares resources, such as other vegan blogs, events and happenings within Singapore for the vegan community. 

Support for the vegan movement aside, to ignore dishes purely because of no meat being involved is to deny yourself delicious (and healthy) options that vegan/vegetarian restaurants have in plenty.

It also helps that an eloquent and meticulous vegan blogger exists to guide you to all the best places. The reviews on VeganAsh are easy to digest (pun intended), conveniently sorted by location, and contain photos that are not suitable for viewing when you are waiting for lunchtime during work.”

The original post can be found here.

Hey everyone! Apologies for not having updated in ages. My diet has been kinda erratic – I went on 80/10/10 for awhile, and then I went on a juice cleanse, so I wasn’t really eating much solid food at all. Since getting off the raw diet, I’ve been meaning to blog about places I’ve been to such as Greenzilla, as well as the vegetarian menus at places like Paradise Pavilion, but work has been keeping me too busy. I’ll be overseas for a few weeks – I’m flying off tomorrow morning to Java – but I hope to get back into connecting with veg enthusiasts once I’m back. Sorry if I’m a bit slow in replying to all your emails, and thanks for your understanding!

In the meantime, do check out the new asian vegetarian website,, where I was recently interviewed on What It’s Like to be Vegan in Singapore. You’ll find interviews with other popular veg bloggers as well. 🙂

Much love

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