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Type of Institution: Non-vegetarian

Address: Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Lobby, Resorts World Sentosa
: +65 6238 7013

Overall: 7.8/10

A couple of weeks ago, I tried the set lunch menu at Rang Mahal’s latest restaurant in Singapore, Rang Mahal Pavilion in Resorts World Sentosa. To the uninitiated, the Rang Mahal brand name is famous for Indian haute cuisine. Priced at $28+, the set lunch at Rang Mahal Pavilion is definitely a more wallet-friendly way to sample the food at this fine dining restaurant rather than ordering ala carte at lunch or dinner. I was rather surprised to see almost nobody else having lunch inside the large, tastefully furnished restaurant, which would be perfect for a business lunch meeting or a romantic date. But I suppose the location in Sentosa makes it rather inconvenient for most people to travel there for lunch.

I don’t usually frequent Indian restaurants because it is difficult to feel safe that whatever I’m eating is vegan (due to the ubiquitous use of ghee) and also because Indian food is generally too heavy for my taste. So it was a nice surprise to find that Rang Mahal Pavilion is a health-conscious restaurant that doesn’t use ghee (it uses olive oil). Although the set lunch menu is not normally vegan, you can easily vegan-ize it if you’re a fellow veggie or if you feel like having a lighter, healthier option by telling the chef you so wish. Generally, the food was above average, but I would have been more satisfied with larger portions.



Rang Mahal PavilionThese papad, or North Indian lentil crackers, were amazing – made of different types of lentils, they were crispy and had a smokey flavour, and they had the right level of thickness to give a satisfying crunch with every bite. The lentil crackers came with mango chutney (on the left) and mint chutney (on the right). I coated the lentil crackers very liberally with the mango chutney, which tasted fresh and very sweet. But I wasn’t so fond of the mint chutney – there wasn’t a very strong taste of mint and it was too spicy for my taste.


Tomato Soup

Rang Mahal PavilionThe next course was a small portion of tomato soup. This was a very light dish that tasted quite fresh. It was nice but nothing extraordinary.

Main course

Thali Platter

Rang Mahal PavilionGenerally, I really enjoyed the three dishes that came with the thali platter because the texture of the chickpeas, okra, and lentils were all perfect. The first dish on the left is peshawari choley – my boyfriend loved the combination of the flavours of onion, tomato and ginger with the chickpeas. The dish in the middle is nasik bhindi – slightly spicy okra/lady’s fingers with tomato, ginger, chilli and turmeric. The dish on the right, dal tadkewali, was my favourite – made with onion, garlic, tomato and coriander, the lentils were unlike that served as dal in most places, i.e. mushy and cooked into oblivion. These lentils were firm and completely cooked through.

Rang Mahal PavilionOn to the carbs. The three dishes came with basmati rice and tandoori roti. The basmati rice was similarly very well-cooked. The tandoori roti (not captured in the picture) was thin, slightly chewy and to my pleasant surprise, not oily at all. The waiter alerted me to the fact that vegans should avoid the naan as it is made with a small amount of milk.

However, as alluded to above, while I really enjoyed the main course, I felt that the portions could have been bigger.


Fresh Fruit

Rang Mahal PavilionI loved the fresh fruit they served for dessert – they were extremely fresh and very juicy, and it was actually one of the highlights of my meal.


I had a black coffee, which was ordinary but adequate.

Conclusion: I enjoyed my dining experience at Rang Mahal Pavilion as I’ve never tried Indian cuisine prepared in a light and healthy way before, and in such a beautiful restaurant. The set lunch menu is certainly value-for-money.

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