Psyched about the Green and Healthy Festival at Singapore EXPO on Sunday!


Hi everyone,

If you haven’t already heard, the inaugural Green and Healthy Festival will be taking place this Sunday, 4 September at Singapore EXPO Hall 3A from 9am to 8pm. The event seeks to promote enviromentally conscious and positive lifestyle and dietary choices with over 60 exhibition stalls offering diverse products and services, ranging from eco-friendly food and drinks to holistic healing and wellness checks. The Festival – which will be the largest secular vegetarian event ever held in Singapore – is jointly organized by Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation, the Vegetarian Society (Singapore) and Eco Harmony Global Network.

Truly the first of its kind in Singapore, the 1-day Festival will include:

  •  A veg cooking contest
  •  The launch of Green and Healthy Monday by Mdm Tin Pei Ling, Member of Parliament for Macpherson
  •  A talk and amazing show by vegan strongman Luke Tan
  •  Over 50 veg food stalls, most if not all of which are vegan
  •  A farmers’ market where you can grab some fresh and organic produce
  •  A cooking demo from VSS’ new cookbook, At Home From Pot to Pot
  •  An attempt to enter into the Singapore Book of Records for the most number of people simultaneously drinking a cup of smoothie (how cute is that?!), led by our local smoothie guru, Yeow
  •  A Smoothie Cycle Competition where participants will try their hand at riding specially designed bicycles to power up blenders for making yummy smoothies
  •  Yoga and Zumba sessions
  •  Activities for kids and a Children’s Nature Play Area
  •  Educational talks on topics such as diet, nutrition and sustainability
  •  Music performances and Virtual Reality videos

With such an incredible range of activities and events lined up, it’s almost hard to believe that admission for this event is absolutely FREE. Nonetheless, I urge you to purchase festival coupons through this webpage to support the raising of funds for Kampung Senang and for the promotion of eco-conscious and positive lifestyle and dietary choices. I also encourage you to bring your own eating utensils, water bottle, shopping bag, etc. in line with the ethos of the Festival.

More information on the Festival can be found on the Festival’s official website and Facebook page.

See you at Singapore EXPO this Sunday!

Peace, Love, Vegan

  1. George Jacobs said:

    At the Festival, I am looking forward to trying the food from Well Dressed Salads.

    • VeganAsh said:

      Thanks for the heads up G – see you on Sunday!

  2. Ariel said:

    Fun!! I’m newly vegan and I’d really love to attend this event. I’d never thought Singapore would host something like this! I’ve never heard about this event prior today. Also, Ashley if you’re in the Holland area, I saw this new place open up called Lean Bento that I think you’d be interested in checking out – they have a website too, for deliveries etc. Not many vegan options but looks good! Asian/Japanese inspired too. Love your blog!

    • VeganAsh said:

      Hi Ariel, congrats on making the change to a vegan lifestyle! And yes, the vegetarian/vegan movement is definitely growing rapidly in Singapore. 🙂 I’ll be at the event from late afternoon onwards so please do say hi if you happen to see me around. Cheers

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